Field Day 2001

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The Final Resting Place! (89,243 bytes) MVC-747F.jpg (89,492 bytes) The Hill (35,881 bytes) another shot of the hill (39,272 bytes) MVC-750F.jpg (61,724 bytes)
WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? (64,877 bytes) Up and running (46,043 bytes) Another Up and Running shot. (45,616 bytes) MVC-754F.jpg (45,041 bytes) MVC-755F.jpg (73,983 bytes)

Our supply voltage (32,558 bytes)

Gen Problems

MVC-769F.jpg (76,948 bytes)


Too many VOLTS! (37,257 bytes)


168.3 VAC and at times 170 VAC (23,971 bytes)


N3UML's Truck along with (from left to right) Rich K3QHP, KB3DNQ and I am not sure who that is on the right. (71,819 bytes)


Antenna Farm on wheels (79,827 bytes) The Killer GenSet! (79,591 bytes) Yeah, 2500Watt at 170 VAC maybe. (41,442 bytes) See it reads 120 VAC not maybe 170 VAC (41,722 bytes) All ready to go! (72,353 bytes)
MVC-766F.jpg (65,525 bytes) MVC-767F.jpg (73,956 bytes) MVC-768F.jpg (69,259 bytes) TOO HIGH! (40,630 bytes) MVC-770F.jpg (71,222 bytes)
Our Antenna from the Shelter to the silo 160m no problem, 200m maybe! (78,317 bytes) MVC-772F.jpg (62,066 bytes) MVC-773F.jpg (65,937 bytes) The Hill (73,246 bytes) MVC-775F.jpg (49,968 bytes)
Shot from the HF antenna feed point. (55,612 bytes) MVC-777F.jpg (57,484 bytes) MVC-778F.jpg (82,388 bytes) Our Call W3CSL 3A WPA  (36,878 bytes) RICH (K3QHP) tearing down. (32,182 bytes)